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Designed by Prof. Yu Zhao
This ingenious logo looks like the world map, which was inspired by the goal of MEMRO meetings – to increase international communication and exchange between experts on middle ear mechanics. The five continents are abstracted into the ossicular chain. In the east of “Asia” is the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower, landmark of Shanghai, which will be the hosting city of MEMRO 2018. The sound waves radiating from the tower indicating that this meeting focus on auditory research. 

This logo gives an intuitive view of MEMRO 2018. It inherits the general shape of the MEMRO 2015 logo, and adds some simple but creative imaginations. The mechanical pathway of sounds into hearing system is vividly shown - the letter “O” represents the tympanic membrane, and the year “2018” was slightly deformed, resembling the osscular chain and the cochlea. Also, sketches of these tiny hearing structures are drawn as background to enhance understanding.